Geocaching Among the Fauna

28 04 2008

Sycamore Canyon

OLdweeb and I headed out there on Friday for an 8-mile RT hike that yielded 11 finds for me.
A cache for Mrs Richmond’s Class
Sibling Rivalry
Crack Up
Time Out Log
She was Wrong!
Two Foxes Burnout
Mugu Zoo
Got H2O?

There were lots of animals out there with us:




Here’s a closer look at the tadpoles:


(NO, it’s not a rattlesnake.)

The next day, we went to see animals of a different kind. We attended the SoCal Spring Fling Event!
SoCal Spring Fling

There were a few caches in the area to find, but the best hide was this one:
Don’t Throw That Away – I really don’t want to give it away….

I’m spending the next few days in/around Medford, OR and Yreka, CA, but it’s raining and snowing up there, so I hope to at least find one or two. Until my next blog entry…. happy caching!




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