Geocaching with aliens (?) and in a very deep hole….

10 04 2008

….among other places this week.

I spent Thursday cruising around Orange County with f0t0m0m for a day of 45 finds. We saw a marvelous, large monument to Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez,
Martin Luther Chavez

another monument and park for the Olympics,
Remember the Olympics

drove close enough to one that I could grab the cache from the driver’s seat (love it!).

enjoyed a devilish and creative 3-stop multi cache by one of the masters of urban camouflage, Scurvy Dog,
“ScurvyDog’s got too much time on his hands”

and saw a whole bunch of bunnies living on the grounds of a local college campus.
T70’s LBCC-LAC Nano

Two days later, I flew to El Paso, TX, then drove to Artesia, NM, to sing a concert. Note to others who make that looooong drive: there are NO real bathrooms between El Paso and the Guadalupe National Park, which is a good hour and a half! There are NO real bushes either! For those who have driven I-5 between Bakersfield and Redding, I must say that this stretch of highway makes that stretch of I-5 look interesting! It’s about as long and boring as they come, yes, indeedy, with 100 miles of scrubby brush, flat and gray, with no radio stations for most of that, AND there are no geocaches in that stretch! Yowza!

However, to make up for that, there are some magnificent scenic parks in southeastern New Mexico, and I visited two of them.

There is only one virtual cache – Virtual New Mexico #5 – (no earthcaches yet!) at Carlsbad Caverns, but I spent over 3 hours there exploring the giant, intricately decorated caves and the unique Chiuahuan desert above.

Going in:

Going down:

Turning back (not!):

Rattlesnake Canyon:

Soaptree yucca, the state flower of New Mexico:

Walking cane cactus, in full bloom:

After lunch, I drove all the way up to Roswell to find the aliens.

Oops! Did I park my rental car in the wrong place?

Aliens across the street:

THE museum (it’s hard to see in this photo, but the street lights all have alien eyes!):

Old airport tower:

Finally, around sunset, I took a drive through the marvelous Bottomless Lakes State Park which offers a whole different kind of desert and geologic scenery.
Looking Glass

There were also a handful of quality caches in Artesia, where I performed and stayed. These were my two favorites:

State Champions – lovely job on the camo AND find #15,400 for me

Cache Right by Flashlight – a well-crafted night cache (that I had to buy a flashlight to complete) which takes one on a tour of the quiet, classic parks in town

I guess I can never tire of driving trips, for upon my return, I took another long drive with f0t0m0m around the local desert mining towns of Boron (borax!) and Randsburg (gold!). The outstanding cache of the 28 I found that day was the Earthcache at the borax mine:
Kramer Borate Deposit Earthcache – many displays on the history, mining, and usage of borax, and a fabulous view of the mine itself!

Runners up were the cache near a Vietnamese Mediation Garden,
Gods Of Stone

the town of Boron itself,
Quick Trip Off 58

and the town of Randsburg, featuring a soda fountain installed in 1902 in the general store. They are still serving delicious malts and BBQ beef sandwiches!
Mining Randsburg

Until next week – happy caching!




2 responses

11 04 2008

I seen a lot of photos of the entrance to Carlsbad, but none of that perspective. That looks scary!

Great photos and great adventure. I’m going to quit traveling and geocaching, and just live my geo-life vicariously though you. : )

Keep up the great posts!

11 04 2008

Well, Roswell looks just as wacky in the pictures as I would imagine. I love the shots from Carlsbad. I suppose if one was very imaginative in their search, they might find that Tonka_boy, Tinman105 and I have a few cave adventures in our past. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

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