1300 miles of geocaches

27 03 2008

This week, I drove all the way to the top of California and back to visit my parents for my father’s 82nd (!) birthday. I was with my sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces, so I only had time for a few cherry-picked finds. My trip this time reminded me more of how I used to take trips: get there as fast as possible. Now with the roadsides teeming with caches at all the interesting places to stop along the way, I’m finding much more joy in the journey!

Here were my joyful stops up and back:
The I-5 / Templin Hwy Travel Bug Hotel – I almost always stop here on my way north to swap TBs.
High & Dry – the weeds were really tall here, but the cache was in an obvious spot
Preferred Cache – nice, big object on a sign
Mott another Micro! – quiet place by the fields off the road
Chocolate Covered Muscats – across from the Sunmaid Raisin factory
Paintball – curious container by a vacant lot
Fowler’s Flowers – I got wet retrieving this one, as the sprinklers were on!
RFDCache – my third visit to this tricky one, and of course, one of my nieces picked it up almost immediately
Burgers by the Billions – fast one by fast food
RED SAC – one of two quick ones on an exit with no commerce, so it was quiet and scenic
MA TATO – the other one… and a regular size, too
Welcome to Williams – I met up with a couple of local cachers here, which is always a fun experience
West Side of Williams – quick and easy, near the freeway, an ideal roadtrip cache

During my visit, I got to take my sister for a few caches up the Shasta and Klamath Rivers. She took a couple of photos, which I will post as an addendum as soon as she sends them to me. The road we took winds along the rivers with nice views of the water below and mountains around.
Old 99 – River Overlook
Dry Gulch Cache
Ash Creek Bridge – at a marvelous historic metal bridge, built in 1901
Klamath River View – up a bit of a challenging hill in a rocky outcropping
Klamath River View 2

I also got my dad out for a couple of caches. He always enjoys how they give us a fresh look at all of the familiar territory in the area.
Paradise Crags View – in a more newly developing part of town
Yreka TB hide out. – fun BIG cache with a slightly adventurous approach

I rounded out my week with a few caches in Simi Valley, one of which afforded great views of the whole valley and LOTS of wildflowers.
Graveyard Outlook – the photos below are from this short hike
Xmas Grinched
Candlelight – this is at the entrance to a hidden restaurant that I’d like to check out later
Strike Zone
Hard Hat
Wagon Trails – on an old covered wagon

Photo time!
The mustard is over 6 feet high. Simi Valley is in the background:

Some purple flowers:

A different color purple:

Finally, some white flowers:

Until next week, happy caching!




One response

27 03 2008

It’s funny how geocaching changes one’s perspective when traveling. I want to pull over to the side of the road at every dead tree stump and hide a cache. Obsessive? Compulsive? Maybe just fun. Love the photos!

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