Now… over 15,000 geocaches found!

6 03 2008

This number does seem a bit unreal, but it’s a testament to how continually fun and fascinating geocaching is.

I went to the Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree area last weekend, and amid about 150 finds, I clocked #15,000.
This little gem of a cache, placed by the Wheeler Dealers included this lovely container!
Triple Crown Road

I tooled around the desert with a small and merry band driving 4x4s:
Tricky Dick, 6ftzpr, TerraGirl, MIBAlienhunter, The Devious Max Power, me, Team Showstop, Ranboze (kneeling) Not pictured but with us: Anna and JCee.

Showstop led the crew this time with his 4-wheeling expertise and knowlege of the lay of the land. The weather was warm and breezy, and the wildflowers were really starting to bloom. Ranboze took a number of excellent photographs, including one of our shoes thoroughly coated with yellow pollen. Please take a moment to check out her photos:
Desert Photos by Ranboze

I’m impressed: she even knows the names of all the flowers!

We were all brought together this weekend for an event hosted by the Wheeler Dealers, who are prolific and creative in their hides!
TRASH in..CACHE out!
At one cache that we actually couldn’t find, I saw what I thought was the container… but it moved!

Other caches to highlight from the weekend are:
Tortoise Island – not a real one, this time
Heavy Metal – a big yard full of quality metal sculpture art
Log Only – yep, I got to sign the LOG (with a felt pen)
Super Size Me – on an abandoned drive-through board
Lost and Found – featured a truly unique Cache to “find”
California Welcome Center – Yucca Valley – check out the great paint job on the container and the many displays for visitors

I also took a 4-mile roundtrip hike up Mission Creek, an easy stroll through the desert scenery with snow-covered mountains in the distance.
Creek and Snow:
Wildflowers & snowy Mt. San Jacinto:

My caching week continued with a quick local find by the inimitable Mighty Dee:
and a day of seeking diverse puzzle caches in Oxnard with f0t0m0m:
My Loop On Oxnard #10:Jam Sets
“Unicorn Blood 2”
More Tubes
My Loop On Oxnard #8:Tastes
My Loop On Oxnard #16:A Tilt Can
The Sinking Oxnard Plain
My Loop On Oxnard #1:¡Vaya!
My Loop On Oxnard #3:Lit Cab
My Loop On Oxnard #4:Iron Tail
My Loop On Oxnard #6:Tu Concentic
My Loop On Oxnard #2:Enter In A Dream
My Loop On Oxnard #18:Rags and Vermin
My Loop On Oxnard #13:In an aid
My Loop On Oxnard #14:Oil is Nil
Forty Winks
Pa’s Treasure
My Loop On Oxnard #9:Via I ring

On to the next caches!




4 responses

6 03 2008

15,000??? Holy smokes. I’m looking forward to 100, which is 95 away!

6 03 2008

Congrats on the latest milestone. It looks like you had a great trip. This is the perfect time of year to visit Joshua Tree. Especially after all this rain. The pictures are great and I love the unique cache containers. What a great idea to have a cache right inside the visitor center. Interesting that travel bugs could still go missing in such a protected cache.

6 03 2008

Grats on the now 15,000+ find. I’t always a pleasure caching with you. Looking foward to another great hike this weekend.

6 03 2008

You’re a madwoman! Keep it up. 😉

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