Spring Fever!

28 02 2008

Yes, spring is here in Southern California, and I love being spoiled by its early arrival. When I lived in Europe, those five Marches and Aprils were torture, as I was conditioned to have warm weather and flowers by then, but had to wait TWO more months!

Below are some photos I took yesterday while geocaching at a park in Camarillo.

Large Blooming Bush with f0t0m0m:

Close up of the flowers on the bush (the fragrance of these is overwhelming):

Different yellow flowers:

White flowers:

Pink flowers:

f0t0m0m and I found 36 caches in Camarillo yesterday, as well as as 30 in Hollywood on Saturday and 12 in La Canada on Tuesday, so I’ll just list the highlights.

The Enticer We spent way more than 7 minutes looking for this easy one. The bonus was more time to look at the amazing view across the valley to the west and of the Channel Islands.
Real Kites I got to climb around on some lichen-covered rocks to search for this one.
Mission Oleander- Button Cache The first waypoint is a winner for creative camouflage.
Creekside: Absorbent Robert This is one of my favorite cache titles. Can you figure out the theme of the trade items inside?
Tie one on Excellent, blending camouflage!
Knee High The title finally lead us to observe this very sneaky hide.
Bacon and Eggs This has a challenging and unusual puzzle with an appropriately place cache.
Ventura County International Shoe Museum This brought us to a rather weird place where people are hanging their old shoes along a barbed wire fence.

Lake Hollywood View A very clever and funny container!
JENNY & PETER AT THE OBSERVATORY We ran into other cachers here, which is always fun, and it’s really easy to find a cache in another cacher’s hand. 😉

La Canada:
Views of VHH Views This multi was nicely done, with a special camo for WP2.
Belly Tintin Getting all the way up to this cache provided great exercise and spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and cities.

I also had time for two quick finds in La Mirada after my performances there on Sunday:
Wheelchair Accessible Cache

Geocaching this week will take me to the Joshua Tree area and back out to Oxnard… I hope! Happy caching!




4 responses

28 02 2008

Pretty, pretty flowers!

29 02 2008

Springtime, hmmmm? That’s right, rub it in. We won’t see flowers for another 45 days. But, on the bright side, they’re still ice fishing up here. Top that!

The Northwoods Geocats

1 03 2008

Great pictures. Joshua Tree is beautiful. I used to hike there while stationed at 29 Palms. There was no such thing as geocaching then. There is a CITO event at JT on April 19. I might have to check that out. Could be pretty warm by then.

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

4 03 2008

Wow! So many caches in one day! I’m hoping to see a combine 15-20 this Thursday/Saturday. I can hope anyway!

HooHaa Blog.

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