Power Caching with the Masters

14 02 2008

Ahhh… power caching…. the madcap mayhem… the frolicking frivolity… the addictive allure….
75 finds in one day!

This was actually a conservative day for the Ventura Kids, with whom and f0t0m0m, Showstop, and I went geocaching on Sunday. I rode around in their jeep with f0t0m0m while Showstop did his best to keep up in a second car. We laughed and signed logbooks as we wound our way around the Inland Empire and ended up at an event that evening.

For a complete list of our day, click the link to my profile on the right, but we all agreed that our favorite cache of the day was

Bluejay #1221 (It was a creative container, indeed!)

and our favorite DNF was

Gecko insurance (We so wanted to find the lizard in the empty field!)

Other highlights were:
– finding one hanging in a storm drain that was too slimy to open so we put our stickers on the string
– finding a couple of clever fake weeds
– finding two caches at the same location as one was thought to be missing (we returned the extra to the replacer at the event!)
– finding geocache #14,700 for me

The event was quite something, as it included a dance contest as well as a raffle. I dined on fine Mexican food and caught up with several geocachers I hadn’t seen in a while as well as one I’d cached with recently, Ellistruss.

The rest of my week was pretty mild. On Thursday, I took my favorite hike up Towsley Canyon, as there was a new cache to find along the way:

Precarious Perch

The air was clear and glorious as it often is in that canyon. I caught an airplane flying over in the distance in this photo:

I sang a couple of concerts in Carlsbad on Saturday, and had time for two caches, one I found and one I only found 2 of the 3 waypoints… bummer!

The Great Windmill of Carlsbad

Yesterday, I ran up and got the newest closest cache to my house. It’s in a lovely park overlooking the San Fernando Valley.

Master Plan

The weather in Southern California is looking to continue to be spectacular this week, so the geocaches beckon me. What geocaches beckon you this week?




4 responses

16 02 2008

75 in a single day? Wow! Now that’s some geocaching. Up here in Minnesota, we’re just about shut down for the winter. Too cold. Too much snow. My son lives in SO CAL and just started geocaching. He’s taking advantage of the warm weather and raking in the cache numbers too.

I mentioned your feats on our blog and added a link to yours. If interested, you’ll find us at The Northwoods Geocats

16 02 2008

Wow, I want to be like you when I grow up! I have seen your logs here in the Temecula area and just came across your blog today. Very nice. You do some great caching! Care to trade links? Here I am below.
Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

16 02 2008

Sorry, typo in the link.

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

29 12 2009
Team Mojito

Yesterday (28. december 2009) the danish geocachers Picht and Elmbaek found a record breaking 480 caches in 20 hours. 251 in Denmark and the rest in Sweden. 2 hours transport between the found places included in the 20 hours.

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