Caching Between the Rains

7 02 2008

Rain in Los Angeles does happen occasionally. I look forward to it for two reasons: I like having a day indoors with the sound of the rain on the roof, and the next couple of days will afford spectacular views with the newly cleaned air.

I began February with a 3-mile round trip hike on the west end of the San Fernando Valley, just off Roscoe Blvd. The trail climbs fairly quickly to a ridge, then follows it up and down toward the west and some exclusive houses. It was overcast, but the views were still marvelous.

Peanut Butter Preztels with a View

Looking East

The newer caches on the western end were accessible by a trail more in theory than in fact, but that added to the sense of being an explorer.

Mezzanine With A View
Skull Mountain
Delta Quadrant – Beyond the Pale
Rock Garden Surprise – I was FTF!!


The next day, I headed to Santa Monica and Venice with f0t0m0m, OLdweeb, and Ellistruss, who joined us all the way from Hesperia. I clocked 37 finds, the others a few more or less, depending on who had found what before. I won’t list them all, but here are the highlights:

My Penance – the camouflage on this was expertly done. It’s one of those that looks like it really belongs there.
J’D SESAME – this has a unique puzzle to solve, a funny and creative first waypoint, and a surprisingly big container for an urban hide.

Sunday was a very rainy day. That and a slightly scratchy throat kept me at home and not at the THREE events that happened in Orange County. A group of crazy people did get out for a soaking wet and muddy hike anyway!

WestwardHo’s Mardi Gras Trail Mixer

I’ll wait for the next event down there in nice weather!

The next day was clear and dry, and so were my sinuses, so I headed back to the Westside to do a few more on the list we didn’t do on Saturday. The first two involved long and lovely walks, one at the Ballona Bird Reserve, and the other along a fire road with just enough elevation to afford vistas of all the mountains to the north. The remainder were quick, easy urbans at interesting spots around Culver City.

Bird Heaven
No Bluffin’
Sawtelle Ballona
Sepulveda Ballona
I Have Seen The Light
Crossed Currents
I Wouldn’t Send A Cache Out On A Dog Like This
Across the block

The coming week promises more spectacular weather for a hike or two AND a day of superpowercaching with the Ventura Kids! Whee! Be sure to check in next week, or better yet, subscribe! Your comments and questions are welcome here, too, as well as suggestions for topics.

Oh, and thanks so much to Geocaching Online for featuring me in one of their articles. They did a very nice post about me and this blog, and have lots of links to geocaching informations and other geocaching blogs worldwide. You can link to their site in my Blogroll to the right.




One response

15 02 2008

Are those pretzels filled with peanut butter? I love those! 😉

Oh, and, of course, great pictures and prose.

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